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Pink Part 2

Pink Part 2

If you read Part 1 of our โ€œPinkโ€ blog, then you know that we have a soft spot in our hearts for women affected by breast cancer and we LOVE that the month of October is dedicated to them! That said, our love for women doesnโ€™t stop there. We are a company made up of many women from all walks of life and we know first-hand just how much women are capable of! They truly are the backbone ofย our society in so many ways. Theyโ€™re strong, caring, compassionate, smart, beautiful, creative, funny, hard-working, and all-around amazing! A truly unstoppable force that we would be lost without!

We know their value which is why we are so passionate about doing our part to help women in our local community live free, healthy, happy lives where they can live out their full potential. This is why we donate a portion of all proceeds from our โ€œPinkโ€ line of products to a local nonprofit called โ€œProject ReNeWalโ€.

Project ReNeWal is a Domestic Violence Intervention program that serves Walton County (which we call home), as well as the surrounding counties of Rockdale and Newton. It was established in 1995 and offers a wide range of services including a 24/7 crisis line where women can speak confidentially to highly trained, professional, compassionate staff. Project ReNeWal also provides help to women in immediate danger by assessing them for entry into a safe house and then provides them with personal care items as well as other items to meet their basic needs. Women who enter the safe house are then able to complete a program focused on helping them set both short and long term goals, as well as a plan of action. While they are completing the program, Project ReNeWal provides childcare, parenting classes, counseling sessions, transportation, and nutritious meals.

The ultimate goal of Project ReNeWal is to help victims of domestic violence become healthy and live independent, non-violent lives. That is a goal that we absolutely love and is why we donate to this amazing non-profit. We love our local community and we love seeing our local women empowered to become their best selves!

If you feel as passionate as we do and like the idea of shopping for a cause, check our our lineup of Pink products! A portion of sales is poured back into our community through this amazing nonprofit. Itโ€™s truly a win-win situation! You get some amazing, delicious smelling products and local victims of domestic violence get another shot at life!

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Think Pink In October

Think Pink In October

Itโ€™s October which means itโ€™s Breast Cancer Awareness month and, here at Rinse, this is the time of year when we like to think pink for a wide variety of reasons! As you probably already know, breast cancer is an extremely common form of cancer. In the U.S., 1 in 8 women (13%) will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, and there are currently 3.8 million women in the U.S. with a history of breast cancer. Thatโ€™s a lot of women! Dealing with this disease not only effects the women who have it, but also their network of friends, family, and loved ones who are by their side through diagnosis, treatment, and ideally recovery! Itโ€™s very likely that you are or know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease. While the statistics on breast cancer can be overwhelming, the statistics on how strong and resilient women are can be encouraging and a cause for great optimism in this battle!

Thatโ€™s why we love that the color used to symbolize breast cancer awareness is PINK! Itโ€™s commonly seen in the form of pink ribbons - either actual ribbons or images of pink ribbons added to all kinds of products from coffee cups to socks! Did you know that this pink ribbon phenomenon is actually relatively new though? And that the first ribbons used to bring awareness to breast cancer werenโ€™t actually pink?

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Fact

A Little History of the Pink Ribbon

As it turns out, the first use of ribbons for breast cancer occurred in 1991 when a woman named Charlotte Haley began making peach-colored ribbons in her home and attaching them to postcards that brought awareness to others about how only 5% of the $1.8 billion dollar annual budget for the National Cancer Institute actually went to breast cancer. She asked people to wear the ribbons and to take action by contacting their legislators to try and get more of the budget allocated to breast cancer. She distributed her ribbons through a totally grassroots effort, handing them out at local stores and even sending them to prominent women such as former First Ladies. Her movement gained traction, which then gained the attention of two large companies, Self Magazine & Estee Lauder. These companies reached out to Charlotte to see about working together to brand the ribbon, but she was uninterested in working with such large corporations. At that point, these companies recognized that they could change the color of the ribbon and move forward with branding without Mrs. Haleyโ€™s permission and that is where the pink ribbon was born.

Pink ribbons were also embraced by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (now known as Komen for the Cure) who has actually used the color pink in its logo since it was created back in 1982. In fact, the original logo featured an abstract female runner outlined with a pink ribbon. The ribbon was used in a big way in 1991 when pink ribbons were distributed to the participants of the Komen New York City Race for the Cureยฎ. Since the 90โ€™s, the pink ribbon and the color pink have only grown in popularity when it comes to symbolizing breast cancer awareness. We are huge fans of this fun, girly color and we are huge advocates of breast cancer awareness which is why we are focusing on all things pink this month!

Think Pink

Our line of โ€œPinkโ€ products were created with the idea of making products that are fun, girly, and smell like the color pink (if colors had smells!). Weโ€™ve got an awesome line up of Pink products that we know youโ€™re going to love! Check them out and snag some for yourself, or consider sending a Pink product (or bundle!) to a survivor! What better way to brighten their day and let them know you are thinking of them than with some fun Pink Rinse products!?

  • Pink Stick โ€“ If youโ€™ve ever tried one of our Skin Stickโ€™s, then you already know what the hype is all about! Our Pink Stick is a solid lotion formula and melts right into your skin, just where you need it. Nourish your knees, feet, hands, elbows... anywhere you feel dry or are constantly applying lotion.


Pink Stick
  • Pink Body Spread โ€“ When you're in the mood to treat your skin to something that's thick, creamy, amazingly luxurious, and smells like a dream then Pink Body Spread is for you! This ultra-moisturizing body spread will keep your skin feeling baby-soft while leaving you smelling amazing with light, warm, vanilla tones!ย 

ย Pink Body Spread

  • Pink Bath Bomb โ€“ Say hello to fizzy & fun luxury with our Pink Bath Bomb! Drop one in your bath to watch it fizzle away, quickly dissolving and releasing the delicious, warm, vanilla fragrance as well as moisturizing shea butter that will leave your skin soft and hydrated!

ย Pink Bath Bomb

  • Pink Tub Truffle โ€“ It's called a truffle and it's pink, so it has to be amazing, right!? This fun little tub truffle is an absolute treat! Drop one in your next bath and watch it melt away along with your cares while you enjoy the moisturizing Cocoa Butter that is released into your bath!ย 

ย Pink Tub Truffle

  • Pink Body Bliss Oil - There's nothing quite like a spritz of our Pink Body Bliss Oil to leave your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed! This oil features the same warm, buttery, vanilla scent as all our other Pink products!
Pink Body Bliss Oil

    Our fun lineup of Pink products make perfect gifts for yourself or for loved ones! Stay tuned next week to learn more about Pink products and how a portion of proceeds are poured back into our local community through a non profit that is near and dear to our hearts!ย 

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