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Salves- FAQ!

What are Salves?

Rinse's Salves are a concentrated blend of skin-loving ingredients that are made to help replenish & nourish the skin while also creating a barrier on the skin to keep drying factors & irritants out!

What are in Salves?

Our Hand Salves contain- 
Olive Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter,100% Naturally Derived Essential Oils, Vitamin E,& Calendula Extract

Our Muscle Salves contain- 
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Menthol Crystals, Vitamin E, 100% Naturally Derived Essential Oils , Camphor, Arnica, & Cayenne Extract. 

Why use a Salve instead of a Lotion?

Salves are more concentrated than a typical lotion so we would recommend using a salve if you need extra nourishing & moisturizing but salves are also great for creating a barrier so that your skin remains protected longer.
You also typically need to use less at a time with salves compared to a lotion. In the end, it comes down to a lot of personal preference!

Are the Hand Salves only for your hands?

No! They are hand salves because we think that the hands are the first to dry out in your every day life & they need a little extra care but you can use the hand salves anywhere that needs some TLC! Plus, traditionally,salves are known for their skin-supporting ingredients & aresaid to help promote natural healing & nourishment. 

*We don't recommend using the salves on any mucous membranes.

What are the Muscle Salves for?

Essential Oils & additives in the Muscle Salves go to work deep in your muscles to promote rejuvenation & relaxation. They are great for sore muscles, joints, exercise, and more. See below for what each one is best for! 

When is it best to use the Warming Salve?

Before exercise to helpprep the muscles, after to help soothe soreness, to calm stiffor tight muscles, or even for menstrual cramps and pains.

When is it best to use the Cooling Salve?

Perfect for: Post workout revitalization,cooling therapy for swelling and inflammation, or forheadache relief. 
Again, it is mostly up to personal preference!

Have any other Salve questions-

email us at or call us at 678-525-1927
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