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Accessories | Rinse Bath & Body


You deserve a spa day, every day! So, check out our selection of Loofahs, Soap Bags & stones for a perfect bath time. Treat you, him or your bestie to skin bliss with Rinse Bath & Body Co.!
Alcohol Based Hand Spray | Rinse Bath & Body

Alcohol Based Hand Spray

All Gift Sets | Rinse Bath & Body

All Gift Sets

All Giftable Goodies | Rinse Bath & Body

All Giftable Goodies

Peppofoot Stick  Moisturizing Foot Balm- Rinse Bath & Body

All Products

Women's Socks - Espresso Yourself - Rinse Bath & Body

All Things Socks

Keep your feet cozy at all times. Slip into some cozy socks to tell your feet that did a great job today!

You deserve soft, you deserve cozy – we are experts in providing you both!

Aller-Ease Roll-On Essential Oil - Rinse Bath & Body


Aromatherapy | Rinse Bath & Body


Aromatherapy Gifts | Rinse Bath & Body

Aromatherapy Gifts

Back To School Supplies | Rinse Bath & Body

Back To School Supplies

Get ready to take on the school year with our back to school supplies! Stay clean with alcohol based hand spray, keep your lips moisturized with Pucker Sticks and so much more! 
Bamboo Family | Rinse Bath & Body

Bamboo Family

Thievery Shower Bomb - Perfectly Imperfect - Rinse Bath & Body

Bargain Basin

Our Bargain Basin is comprised of both new "inventions" we create when making our products and an extra ingredient or a missing ingredient ends up making its way in "or out" of the pot, as well as products that have seen more sunrises than usual. **each bargain product has a black mark across the label**

Small Eco Soap Bag - Rinse Bath & Body

Bath Accessories

Celebrate Good Times Bath Balm - Rinse Bath & Body

Bath Bombs with Surprises

Bath Treats | Rinse Bath & Body

Bath Treats

Make bath time more fun with our handcrafted natural bath treats! From bath bombs to tub truffles and soaking salts, our delicious smelling bath treats will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling oh-so-good!
Be Well / Stay Well | Rinse Bath & Body

Be Well / Stay Well

Thievery Essential Oil that helps you be well and stay well. It fills your house with the fragrance of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. 100% naturally derived ingredients.
Beard Care (tame the mane) | Rinse Bath & Body

Beard Care (tame the mane)

Take care of your beard with everything you need for the best beard - all in one convenient kit, including Beard Bar Soap, Beard Oil, Beard Balm & more! Shop today and tame the mane!

Beard Oil

Beer Soaps | Rinse Bath & Body

Beer Soaps

Do you love beer? Check out our selection of beer soap including Raspberry Haze Beer Soap, Pumpkin Ale Soap, Oatmeal Stout Soap & More! Available now at online and in-store at Rinse Bath & Body Co.!
Birthday Cake | Rinse Bath & Body

Birthday Cake

Body Bliss (body oils) | Rinse Bath & Body

Body Bliss (body oils)

An all-over body moisturizing oil, a bath oil or a massage oil that soaks right into the skin leaving a natural moisturized glow behind that lasts & lasts in a variety of different scents including Almond & Honey, Blue Hawaiian, Coconut Mango, Fresh Fig & more available now!
Body Care | Rinse Bath & Body

Body Care

Body Spread (Lotion) | Rinse Bath & Body

Body Spread (Lotion)

Build-A-Bundle | Rinse Bath & Body


Customize your very own bundle with your favorite products to pamper yourself with! These bundles are perfectly personalized and make great gifts!
Each bundle comes in a small wooden till bundle wrapped in a cello bag with a bow! 

Cherry Rancher Pucker Stick - Rinse Bath & Body

Children's Gifts

Chocolate Collection | Rinse Bath & Body

Chocolate Collection

Christmas Gift Guide | Rinse Bath & Body

Christmas Gift Guide

Kid Soap | Rinse Bath & Body

Clean Kids

Clarity Mini Stone Pack - Rinse Bath & Body


Dead Sea Mud | Rinse Bath & Body

Dead Sea Mud

Deal Drop - Rinse Bath & Body

Deal Drop

We will be dropping deals on select products/scents at 9:00 am EST.  Be sure to hurry because supplies may be limited.

No additional discounts or coupons can be applied to Deal Drop products. 

deBug (bug repellent) | Rinse Bath & Body

deBug (bug repellent)

Enjoy the outdoors with a 100% naturally derived ingredients spray that is known to to keep those pesky bugs at bay!
deOdor Sticks (all natural deodorant) | Rinse Bath & Body

deOdor Sticks (all natural deodorant)

An all natural deodorant that goes on smooth and really works without the worry of constant reapplication. deOdor Sticks are the best natural deodorant around, handcrafted with natural ingredients, these deodorant sticks will keep you smelling fresh no matter the conditions.


Rose Pucker Stick - Rinse Bath & Body

Easter Goodies

Easter Goodies | Rinse Bath & Body

Easter Goodies

Essential Oil Wallet | Rinse Bath & Body

Essential Oil Wallet

Essential Oils (pure) | Rinse Bath & Body

Essential Oils (pure)

After years of customer requests, we launched these oils because we saw a need for certified organic pure essential oils that were accessible and affordable.  We selected the oils to use one at a time, or to easily mix and match in multiples to create your own favorite natural blends.
Makeup Eraser: Clean White - Rinse Bath & Body

Facial Accessories

Facial Care | Rinse Bath & Body

Facial Care