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Pink Tub Truffle - Rinse Bath & Body

Easter Sweet Treats & Bath Bombs

Beach - Pinch Me Therapy Dough - Rinse Bath & Body

Easter Toys & Goodies

Essential Oils (pure) | Rinse Bath & Body

Essential Oils (pure)

After years of customer requests, we launched these oils because we saw a need for certified organic pure essential oils that were accessible and affordable.  We selected the oils to use one at a time, or to easily mix and match in multiples to create your own favorite natural blends.
Eucalyptus Shower Bomb - Rinse Bath & Body


Makeup Eraser: Chic Black - Rinse Bath & Body

Facial Accessories

Facial Care | Rinse Bath & Body

Facial Care

Beard Bar Facial Soap - Rinse Bath & Body

Facial Hair Care

Tame The Mane. Get 100% natural Beard Care products to  treat the whiskers as well as the skin hidden beneath them.
Feel Great & Hydrate | Rinse Bath & Body

Feel Great & Hydrate

For dry, cracked, hydrated skin moisturized is the answer to your problems! If you sanitize don't forget to moisturized.
Flannel Collection | Rinse Bath & Body

Flannel Collection

Floral Collection | Rinse Bath & Body

Floral Collection

Foot Care | Rinse Bath & Body

Foot Care

Looking to pamper those hard-working toes?  Shop our Best Selling Foot Care products that exfoliate, moisturize, and transform your feet. Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients.
Foot Soap | Rinse Bath & Body

Foot Soap

Your feet deserve a restart! Handmade foot soaps that will exfoliate and cleanse your tired toes.
Made with naturally derived ingredients, it's soap your feet will thank you for.
Fresh Fig | Rinse Bath & Body

Fresh Fig

Fry Box Bundle | Rinse Bath & Body

Fry Box Bundle

Any day can be "Fryday" with our super cute Fry Box Bundles! These perfectly packaged fry boxes come with one bar of Handmade Soap, one Skin Stick lotion, and one Pucker Stick lip balm! They take "treat yourself" to a whole new level! (Did we mention, calorie free!?)
Gardenia Body Spread - Rinse Bath & Body


Natural Born Shopper Coin Purse - Rinse Bath & Body

Gift & Tote Bags

Gift Bundles | Rinse Bath & Body

Gift Bundles

Gift Bundles (pre-made) | Rinse Bath & Body

Gift Bundles (pre-made)

Gift Cards | Rinse Bath & Body

Gift Cards

Dancing Queen Bath Balm - Rinse Bath & Body

Giftable Goodies

Your one stop gift shop! All the must-have products you need to give the best gift for any occasion.
Gifts $25 - $50 | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts $25 - $50

Gifts For Birthdays | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts For Birthdays

Gifts For Her | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts For Her

Gifts For Him | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts For Him

Whether it's a birthday, holiday or wedding, we have the perfect gift set for him. Shop from Beard Care, Six Pack of Beer Soap, Skin Sticks & more!
Gifts For Kids | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts For Kids

Gifts Over $50 | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts Over $50

Gifts Under $25 | Rinse Bath & Body

Gifts Under $25

deOdor Stick (Lemongrass Bergamot) - Rinse Bath & Body

Ginger Lemongrass

Peppofoot Stick  Moisturizing Foot Balm- Rinse Bath & Body

Grad Gifts! 🎓

Get your High School Grad ready for College or your College Grad ready for Adulthood with a little treat!
Wide Headband - Midnight Flower - Rinse Bath & Body

Hair Accessories

Hand Sprays | Rinse Bath & Body

Hand Sprays

Handy-Tizers (cleanser) | Rinse Bath & Body

Handy-Tizers (cleanser)

Our Handy-tizer is essential oil and witch hazel based and enriched with moisturizing oils to keep your skin from drying out.
It's also great for cleaning surfaces. Just a spritz or two as needed will do the trick.
Head Bands | Rinse Bath & Body

Head Bands

Stoneware Bath Tub Soap Dish - Rinse Bath & Body

Home Accessories

K9 (dog products) | Rinse Bath & Body

K9 (dog products)

Looking for 100% natural products for your puppy? Treat your dog with sprays and washes made with essential oils. Shop for sensitive skin & more!
Lavender Collection | Rinse Bath & Body

Lavender Collection

Lippy Clips | Rinse Bath & Body

Lippy Clips

Loofah Soaps | Rinse Bath & Body

Loofah Soaps

Say goodbye to dead skin with Rinse Bath & Body Loofah Soap. Our handmade soap naturally cleanses the skin while the Loofah exfoliates. The perfect all over body soap plus great for the feet & to use before shaving.
Masks | Rinse Bath & Body


Treat your skin with natural DIY masks. Our Powered Facial Masks allow you to customize your mask every time you use them (whether your skin is dry in the winter then well-moisturized in the summer.) Blends such as, Antioxidant Cafe Mocha, Dead Sea Mud, Oatbrasion & Yogurt are crowd favorites!
Selective Hearing Specialist - Men's Crew Socks - Rinse Bath & Body

Men's Socks

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