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New Year, New Mama, New Baby, New Kid

New Year, New Mama, New Baby, New Kid

As we get further into this new year, it’s time to wrap up our “New Year, New Mama, New Baby” blog series. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of our favorite tips and advice with you, and hope that you found some value in them no matter what season of life you’re in! It’s only fitting that we conclude this series by turning our attention to some of our favorites for kids – big and small! We know the years fly by way too fast, so we wanted to pass along a few more insights for when you blink only to find your baby isn’t a baby anymore!

Find Relief with Roll-Ons

As your little one gets a bit older, we have found that Essential Oil Roll-On’s are a great option for a wide range of uses. Depending on the age of your child, they’re great for applying to the feet, arms, chest, and any other location that your child can’t reach with their mouth and isn’t likely to rub their eyes with! All of our Essential Oil Roll-On’s come diluted with Squalane Oil as a carrier oil, making them ready for use immediately! They feature a convenient roller application so that you can apply anywhere, anytime, with no mess! As always, we recommend patch testing any new oils before applying broadly! Some of our favorite oils for kids are:

  • Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On – This one is perfect for helping to promote relaxation as your child is winding down for bedtime. Try putting a little on your child’s wrist or feet to help them calm down and get ready for a restful night of sleep!
  • Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-On – A great option for when you want to help promote feelings of calm during times when your child may be feeling especially tense or stressed!  
  • Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil Roll-On – Keep this on hand for those times when your child may need some relief with minor skin irritations!
  • Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On – Not only does this oil smell amazing, but it’s a great option for applying to the temples during headaches!

A couple are also great to blend, especially when it comes to focusing in school! If your child needs a little bit more help focusing, try blending Peppermint & Sweet Orange for good testing recall & focus. If there is some anxiety, try Lavender & Peppermint or Lavender & Sweet Orange!

Essential Oil Roll On's for Kids

Leave Monsters Behind With Lavender Refreshing Spray

Did you know that Lavender Refreshing Spray also doubles as a perfect bedtime “monster spray”!? We all know that little kids have BIG imaginations which, at times, can make bedtime feel extra scary for them. We love using Lavender Refreshing Spray as a “monster spray” to help keep “monsters” at bay at bedtime! Not only does it help give kids confidence knowing their room is safe from whatever imaginary monsters trouble them, but the lavender scent helps to create a relaxing environment that’s great for helping lull them into a peaceful sleep! It’s a win-win that the whole family will love! You might even find yourself using it in your own room!

Lavender Refreshing Spray as Monster Spray

Thank Goodness for Thievery

As your little one grows and reaches the school age years, there’s a lot of excitement that comes with knowing they’ll be gaining so much in the way of new skills, knowledge, confidence, and even new friends! There’s a lot to love about this season of life, but sometimes they come home with more than just new knowledge… sometimes they come home with new germs!

It’s an unfortunate reality that comes with the territory, but the good news is that you aren’t helpless in battling the school “ick”! One of our absolute favorite ways to help combat all the school yuckiness is with Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On! This small but mighty roll-on is made with a powerful blend of 100% pure essential oils including cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon oils! It also utilizes squalane oil as the carrier oil allowing for top tier absorption and moisturizing qualities!

This unique blend of oils smells fantastic and is a great option for helping to boost wellness! Our very own Rinse founder, Heather, has found this oil to be an absolute lifesaver during the school year! For years she has applied this oil to her children’s feet at bedtime at the beginning of each new school year and whenever something is going around. She has found it to be a fantastic option for helping her family to be well and stay well!

Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On

Many of our customers swear by this powerful oil and wouldn’t be caught without it! Check out just a few of the reviews to hear what Rinse customers are saying about Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On! 

Every morning, I rub this on my temples and behind my ears, and I do the same to my kids when they go off to school. I really do believe this has kept them from getting sick. I noticed that whenever I have run out of it or forgot to put it on whenever there is something "going around" is when I get sick." - Twyla

I love Thievery Roll-on. The smell is wonderful, and I feel like it boosts my immune system.” - Jan A

“Love thievery! I love the smell but am also am a firm believer in its magical properties! I use it anytime we feel a cold coming on, and we knock them out quick!” - Marisa M.

Make Personal Care Fun with Kid Scents

One of the things we love most about kids is that they are all about FUN! One of the best ways that we have found to promote good habits in kids is to take the mundane things in life and make them just a little more fun! That’s why we created a wide range of kid-focused products from soaps to lotions that not only smell great but also come in bright and beautiful colors that any kid would love!


  • Unicorn Soap – If “fun” were a soap, it would absolutely be our magical Unicorn Soap! Made with 98% naturally derived ingredients, this nourishing soap is made with a beautiful mix of colors from pinks to blues and whites and it’s even covered with a bit of gold glitter!
  • Unicorn Magic Skin Stick – Pop this adorable, cotton-candy scented Skin Stick in your little one’s backpack before sending them off to school so that they can stay moisturized all day long! Especially helpful during the cold and dry winter months!

Unicorn Soap and Skin Stick


  • Dino-Mite Soap - Transport your bathtime routine to pre-historic times with our bright and cheerful Dino-Mite Soap! This natural soap has a fun look to it with bright green, orange, and white colors! The only thing better might be the scent – classic sherbert! It’s a sweet-smelling soap that will have any kid ready to wash up!
  • Dino-Mite Skin Stick – Don’t send your little dino out into the wild without a Dino-Mite Skin stick! This perfectly portable lotion is perfect for tossing in your child’s backpack so that they can enjoy the skin hydrating benefits any time!

Dino Mite Soap & Skin Stick


  • Superhero Soap –Definitely the superhero of the soap world, this fun soap is every kids dream! Made with bright, energizing colors and scented like your favorite fruity cereal (in pebble form, of course!) this soap makes bathtime a blast!
  • Superhero Skin Stick – Banish those dry skin villains with Superhero Skin Stick! It’s just the sidekick you need when it’s time to help give your kid a boost of skin moisturizing goodness!

Superhero Soap and Skin Stick