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New Year, New Mama, New Baby!

New Year, New Mama, New Baby, New Kid

New Year, New Mama, New Baby, New Kid

As we get further into this new year, it’s time to wrap up our “New Year, New Mama, New Baby” blog series. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of our favorite tips and advice with you, and hope that you found some value in them no matter what season of life you’re in! It’s only fitting that we conclude this series by turning our attention to some of our favorites for kids – big and small! We know the years fly by way too fast, so we wanted to pass along a few more insights for when you blink only to find your baby isn’t a baby anymore!

Find Relief with Roll-Ons

As your little one gets a bit older, we have found that Essential Oil Roll-On’s are a great option for a wide range of uses. Depending on the age of your child, they’re great for applying to the feet, arms, chest, and any other location that your child can’t reach with their mouth and isn’t likely to rub their eyes with! All of our Essential Oil Roll-On’s come diluted with Squalane Oil as a carrier oil, making them ready for use immediately! They feature a convenient roller application so that you can apply anywhere, anytime, with no mess! As always, we recommend patch testing any new oils before applying broadly! Some of our favorite oils for kids are:

  • Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On – This one is perfect for helping to promote relaxation as your child is winding down for bedtime. Try putting a little on your child’s wrist or feet to help them calm down and get ready for a restful night of sleep!
  • Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-On – A great option for when you want to help promote feelings of calm during times when your child may be feeling especially tense or stressed!  
  • Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil Roll-On – Keep this on hand for those times when your child may need some relief with minor skin irritations!
  • Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On – Not only does this oil smell amazing, but it’s a great option for applying to the temples during headaches!

A couple are also great to blend, especially when it comes to focusing in school! If your child needs a little bit more help focusing, try blending Peppermint & Sweet Orange for good testing recall & focus. If there is some anxiety, try Lavender & Peppermint or Lavender & Sweet Orange!

Essential Oil Roll On's for Kids

Leave Monsters Behind With Lavender Refreshing Spray

Did you know that Lavender Refreshing Spray also doubles as a perfect bedtime “monster spray”!? We all know that little kids have BIG imaginations which, at times, can make bedtime feel extra scary for them. We love using Lavender Refreshing Spray as a “monster spray” to help keep “monsters” at bay at bedtime! Not only does it help give kids confidence knowing their room is safe from whatever imaginary monsters trouble them, but the lavender scent helps to create a relaxing environment that’s great for helping lull them into a peaceful sleep! It’s a win-win that the whole family will love! You might even find yourself using it in your own room!

Lavender Refreshing Spray as Monster Spray

Thank Goodness for Thievery

As your little one grows and reaches the school age years, there’s a lot of excitement that comes with knowing they’ll be gaining so much in the way of new skills, knowledge, confidence, and even new friends! There’s a lot to love about this season of life, but sometimes they come home with more than just new knowledge… sometimes they come home with new germs!

It’s an unfortunate reality that comes with the territory, but the good news is that you aren’t helpless in battling the school “ick”! One of our absolute favorite ways to help combat all the school yuckiness is with Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On! This small but mighty roll-on is made with a powerful blend of 100% pure essential oils including cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon oils! It also utilizes squalane oil as the carrier oil allowing for top tier absorption and moisturizing qualities!

This unique blend of oils smells fantastic and is a great option for helping to boost wellness! Our very own Rinse founder, Heather, has found this oil to be an absolute lifesaver during the school year! For years she has applied this oil to her children’s feet at bedtime at the beginning of each new school year and whenever something is going around. She has found it to be a fantastic option for helping her family to be well and stay well!

Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On

Many of our customers swear by this powerful oil and wouldn’t be caught without it! Check out just a few of the reviews to hear what Rinse customers are saying about Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On! 

Every morning, I rub this on my temples and behind my ears, and I do the same to my kids when they go off to school. I really do believe this has kept them from getting sick. I noticed that whenever I have run out of it or forgot to put it on whenever there is something "going around" is when I get sick." - Twyla

I love Thievery Roll-on. The smell is wonderful, and I feel like it boosts my immune system.” - Jan A

“Love thievery! I love the smell but am also am a firm believer in its magical properties! I use it anytime we feel a cold coming on, and we knock them out quick!” - Marisa M.

Make Personal Care Fun with Kid Scents

One of the things we love most about kids is that they are all about FUN! One of the best ways that we have found to promote good habits in kids is to take the mundane things in life and make them just a little more fun! That’s why we created a wide range of kid-focused products from soaps to lotions that not only smell great but also come in bright and beautiful colors that any kid would love!


  • Unicorn Soap – If “fun” were a soap, it would absolutely be our magical Unicorn Soap! Made with 98% naturally derived ingredients, this nourishing soap is made with a beautiful mix of colors from pinks to blues and whites and it’s even covered with a bit of gold glitter!
  • Unicorn Magic Skin Stick – Pop this adorable, cotton-candy scented Skin Stick in your little one’s backpack before sending them off to school so that they can stay moisturized all day long! Especially helpful during the cold and dry winter months!

Unicorn Soap and Skin Stick


  • Dino-Mite Soap - Transport your bathtime routine to pre-historic times with our bright and cheerful Dino-Mite Soap! This natural soap has a fun look to it with bright green, orange, and white colors! The only thing better might be the scent – classic sherbert! It’s a sweet-smelling soap that will have any kid ready to wash up!
  • Dino-Mite Skin Stick – Don’t send your little dino out into the wild without a Dino-Mite Skin stick! This perfectly portable lotion is perfect for tossing in your child’s backpack so that they can enjoy the skin hydrating benefits any time!

Dino Mite Soap & Skin Stick


  • Superhero Soap –Definitely the superhero of the soap world, this fun soap is every kids dream! Made with bright, energizing colors and scented like your favorite fruity cereal (in pebble form, of course!) this soap makes bathtime a blast!
  • Superhero Skin Stick – Banish those dry skin villains with Superhero Skin Stick! It’s just the sidekick you need when it’s time to help give your kid a boost of skin moisturizing goodness!

Superhero Soap and Skin Stick

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New Year, New Mama, New Baby

New Year, New Mama, New Baby

We’re so excited for Part 3 of our New Year, New Mama, New Baby blog series and this one is all about taking care of that precious new baby! Whether it’s your first child or your last, there is no greater joy than welcoming your brand new little one into the world. From the first moment you hold them, you know your life is forever changed and your heart is going to be forever full! It’s a sweet blessing that comes with the profound responsibility of guiding, protecting, and nurturing them from infancy into adulthood. We know you take your responsibility as Mama seriously, so we wanted to pass along some of our favorite tips and advice for caring for your baby! 

We asked our very own Marketing Director and new mama, Audrey, how Rinse products have been working out for her since having her baby and here is what she said!

"Rinse products are my favorite after having my baby girl in April. I wanted to switch over a lot of products to ones with cleaner ingredients and I know we have the best ingredients out there. From diaper rash to eating out at restaurants to Flu season stuffiness, I have used these products constantly since April." -Audrey

Before we dive in, we want to be very clear that we are not doctors and nothing contained in this blog is medical advice! These are simply things that we have found helpful when it comes to caring for our own Rinse babies and things that our customers have told us were helpful to them but, as always, it is critical that you always consult with your pediatrician! With that understanding, let’s start unpacking some of our favorite tips, advice, and products for those who are caring for a new baby!

Soothe with Squalane

It should come as no surprise that our first tip has to do with one of our holy grail products: Squalane Oil! This incredible oil is both gentle and nourishing, making it one of our top choices for using for baby skincare. What makes this oil so unique is the way that it closely mimics natural oils found in the skin. Having a similar molecular structure to our natural oils allows for enhanced absorption of the squalane oil. It is able to penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing from the inside out.

Given that baby skin can often be prone to dryness for a variety of reasons from having fewer oil glands to simply having thinner skin, it’s important to have a plan to help your baby regain some of the moisture that can be easily lost. Squalane is an excellent option for infusing the skin with moisture and helping to strengthen the skin barrier.

Squalane Baby Uses

It’s a great option for both kids and adults, but we have found it especially helpful for dealing with specific baby-related issues including the dreaded diaper rash. Obviously, it’s critical to adhere to a consistent diaper routine with regular diaper changes, gentle wiping, and utilizing creams when needed. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Sometimes, though, despite our best efforts, diaper rash still rears its ugly head. In those moments, we love turning to squalane for it’s lightweight, non-irritating, and easily absorbable goodness! It’s great for utilizing on the sensitive diaper area as you seek to give your baby some relief. As stated previously, speak with your pediatrician before applying Squalane and be sure to do a small patch test to make sure it’s well tolerated before using on the entire diaper area!

Another issue that you probably are familiar with as a new mom is that many infants have a tendency to scratch their faces. This happens for a variety of reasons, one of which is that their skin is dry and itchy. Squalane is a great way to keep their skin moisturized to help prevent scratching, and it can also be a great help in healing the skin after scratches. You should never apply squalane to broken skin, but it can be a helpful aid on the route to healing the skin!

Finally, squalane can be a fantastic option for helping to heal dry, chapped skin near the mouth that commonly appears as a result of teething or pacifier use. It’s gentle and effective, making it ideal for this sensitive area.

We’ve got two great options for Squalane – a pump bottle and a roll-on! Both are great for applying this incredible oil to the skin!

Squalane Purchasing Options

Little Heads, Big Relief with Argan Oil

Any parent of a newborn knows that “Cradle Cap” is all too common among infants. Characterized by scaly, crusty, dry patches of skin found most often on the baby’s head (but also can show up in other areas), cradle cap is generally harmless but certainly looks uncomfortable! For that reason, many moms are interested in doing what they can to help their baby’s skin when this pesky issue pops up!

We are huge fans of using Argan Oil for this! This incredible oil is packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids, making it ideal for infusing exceptionally dry skin with the moisture it needs. One thing that’s important to know about Argan Oil is that a little bit goes a LONG way! Just a small drop or two is all you need to apply to the scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After this, simply wash the scalp with a gentle baby shampoo and that’s it! Your baby will reap all the moisturizing goodness of Argan oil!

Argan Oil for Cradle Cap

Diaper Bag Must-Have’s

As an on-the-go parent, you probably already know how important it is to have a well-stocked diaper bag! Being prepared with all the essentials is critical for handling any unforeseen emergencies or unfortunate situations. Our Rinse team loves keeping Skin Sticks on hand in diaper bags to keep those cute little baby rolls soft and moisturized! Skin Sticks are made with 99% natural ingredients and include some of the most luxurious moisturizers like Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter! They’re gentle enough for your baby (but you’ll probably want to use them for yourself too!). They come in all kinds of fun scents to choose from. Some of our favorite baby scents are Sweet Vanilla Skin Stick and Lavender Skin Stick! While Skin Sticks are great for using as an overall moisturizer, we recommend sticking to the Squalane Oil for the extra sensitive diaper area!  

Other lifesavers in the diaper bag are Handy-tizer and our Alcohol-Based Hand Spray! These are PERFECT for cleaning up after those dirty diaper changes! Handy-Tizer is an essential oil and witch hazel based cleaner which is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. It’s enriched with a variety of moisturizing oils which are great for helping keep surfaces and your hands clean (and hydrated)!

Diaper Bag Must Haves

Our Alcohol-Based Hand Sprays are made with a blend of 75% alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, water, and a variety of essential oils that give them fun, fresh scents! The formula is designed to meet the WHO’s recommendation meaning it’s a potent option for killing germs. The glycerin contained in these sprays is perfect for helping your hands to retain moisture as it’s a natural humectant. When you want to make sure no germ is left behind, this is a great go-to!

Ease with Eucalyptus

As mentioned earlier, we are not doctors and nothing provided in this blog is medical advice. That said, we have found great success with utilizing our Eucalyptus Roll-On for helping make it through those moments when we’ve had a stuffy baby, but haven’t yet been able to get medicine just yet! The oil in our Eucalyptus Roll-On is diluted with Squalane Oil making it less potent and better tolerated than straight eucalyptus oil. While you should always check with your pediatrician before using essential oils, we’ve enjoyed using a dab or two on the baby’s clothing or blankets to help with those congested moments!  

Love in Every Formula

Here at Rinse, we are passionate about creating safe, natural, handmade products that are truly good for the skin! We make our products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness and we never make sacrifices or cut corners when it comes to using high-quality natural ingredients. You won’t find any of the typical preservatives, synthetic ingredients, and artificial fragrances common to many commercial baby products. This means that the products we produce (yes, even the scented ones) are great for both mom and baby!

Unscented Products

That said, we totally understand the unique needs and challenges faced by parents and understand that some simply want to stick to unscented products! If that’s you, we’ve got you (and baby) covered! Check out some of our ultra-gentle unscented products including:

  • Unscented Body Spread – Our Body Spreads are made with skin-loving, moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter that keep skin feeling hydrated and irresistibly smooth all day long! Our Unscented Body Spread is fragrance and paraben free, making it a great choice for those moms desiring to stick with unscented products!
  • Casteel Soap – This ultra gentle soap is a classic that’s loved by those with sensitive skin who are seeking natural skincare options! Our Casteel Soap is as simple as it gets, made with only one ingredient, 100% saponified olive oil. It’s extremely gentle and perfect for use on baby skin! Another great soap option is our Lavender Soap which is made with French Lavender Essential Oil and a sprinkle of lavender buds on top! Both of these soap bars can be cut into thirds to help make it last longer so you can enjoy every bit of soapy goodness from head-to-toe for as long as possible!
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New Year, New Mama Part 2

New Year, New Mama Part 2

Last week we kicked off the year with our “New Year, New Mama, New Baby” series of blogs. Our Rinse family has been growing lately and we wanted to take some time to give our best tips and advice to all the new moms and growing families out there! Last week was all about tips for taking care of yourself as an expecting mom, and this week we are turning our attention to those brand new mama’s who have recently welcomed their precious bundle of joy into the world! If that’s you, congratulations! This is such a sweet season of life and we hope that you soak up every beautiful moment!

While this season is certainly filled with countless sweet moments, we also know that it can simultaneously be a really difficult time of trying to find your “new normal” and balance taking care of yourself while taking care of your new little one. Life definitely looks different now with new routines, body changes, and a whole new set of challenges to be met. That’s why we wanted to share some of our favorite tips, products, and advice for making the most of this new phase of life!

A Moment for Self-Care

One thing we know is that it is so easy to “lose yourself” when you become a new mom. The demands can be overwhelming and it’s easy to sacrifice your own wellbeing in favor of taking care of the endless needs of others. While the selfless attitudes of many mothers are kind, genuine, and well-meaning, one thing is certain: you can’t pour from an empty cup! It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself so that you can be in a better position to effectively care for your new baby and growing family.

We’re big believers in all things pampering and self-care… and we’re also realistic about the amount of free time you have as a new mom! Fortunately, there are plenty of little things you can do to help yourself feel cared for and rejuvenated that don’t take up much time at all! Here are some of our favorite tips!

Find Serenity in the Relaxing Aroma of Lavender

When you’re a new mom and life feels chaotic and overwhelming, one of the best things you can do is to try and create an environment that’s calm and soothing. We can hardly think of a better way to accomplish this than by taking advantage of the relaxing aroma of lavender. This classic scent is a fan favorite and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your day.

Lavender Refreshing Spray – This has got to be one of the easiest and most versatile ways to enjoy lavender. This refreshing spray is made with calming lavender essential oil as well as a cooling mist which feels amazing on the skin. Give yourself a quick spritz for a little pick-me-up or use it to freshen up your environment. It’s perfect for using as a linen spray or room spray to quickly give your space a refreshing boost! It’s a simple way to enjoy a little self-care without requiring time commitment at all!

Lavender Refreshing Spray

Lavender Essential Oil – Another excellent way to enjoy the natural benefits of lavender is with Lavender Essential Oil. Our oil is top-quality, being 100% Pure Essential Oil, Certified Organic, and USDA approved. It’s an oil you can feel good about using for yourself and around your little one! We love adding a few drops into a diffuser to set the mood of a room! It’s a great way to create the calm environment you crave as a new mama!

Lavender Shower Bomb – Being a new mom can be demanding and require a lot of your time, but it’s essential that you still take care of your own personal hygiene and this includes taking showers! Since you’re going to be showering anyways, why not take that time to create a self-care moment with a lavender shower bomb?! It’s a great way to create a spa-like experience as the steam from the shower mixes with the lavender essential oil to create a dreamy aromatherapy experience! We highly recommend giving it a try!

Lavender Soaking Salts – When you truly want to take a moment of self-care, slip into a nice warm bath with Lavender Soaking Salts! These salts are made with a blend of Sea Salts & Epsom Salts that help to relieve tired, sore muscles. They also are made with Lavender Essential Oil to help create a relaxing aromatherapy experience that will help bring a moment of calm back to your life!

Lavender Soaking Salts

Enjoy a Quick Moment of Self-Care with Powdered Facial Masks

As a new mom, you know that the little things really are the big things! This definitely applies to enjoying a moment of self-care with Powdered Facial Masks. These come in a variety of options for a wide range of skin concerns, and they’re the perfect way to get a little “me time” even if you’re multitasking in the process!

These highly customizable natural DIY facial masks allow you to create just the mask you need for whatever skin concerns you’re experiencing in the moment. Mix them with water, honey, or your liquid of choice to create a luxurious mask that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed! Check out our wide selection of choices including:

Mask Customer Review Quote

Nourish Your Skin with Facial Oil

Another fantastic way to enjoy some simple self-care is to nourish your skin with our facial oils. Our classic Facial Oil is a hydrating oil is made from the perfect blend of 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, & Rosehip Oil. It’s full of skin-loving antioxidants and fatty acids that promote healthy and hydrated skin!

Our Marula Oil facial oil is made from 100% Marula Seed Oil and is another fantastic option for adding to your skincare routine! It works great as a natural primer that helps to hydrate your skin and prepare it to more easily absorb your skin-loving products used in your facial routine!

Facial Oils Quote

Care for Your Shrinking Belly with Conditioning Balm & Body Bliss Oils

Just as your pregnancy was full of changes to your body, the same is true as your body recovers from pregnancy and giving birth. You probably were intentional about moisturizing your growing belly during your pregnancy, and it’s just as important to continue to care for it as it begins to shrink after you give birth.

We recommended Conditioning Balm as a great way for expecting mama’s to nourish their skin and it’s a great option for new moms as well! Made with skin-loving, moisturizing ingredients including coconut oil, this luxurious balm is great for use after a shower or a bath to help keep your skin soft and nourished.

Body Bliss Oils are another fantastic option for moisturizing the skin and they work GREAT in combination with Conditioning Balm! These oils are extremely versatile and can be used as an all-over body oil, bath oil, or massage oil. We love them for using on the belly to nourish the skin as it begins to shrink. They’re made with Squalane Oil which closely mimics natural oils found in our bodies, allowing it to absorb deep into the skin and lock in moisture. These oils come in a wide variety of scents so there is something for everyone!

Post C-Section Self-Care

If you’re a C-section mama, you’re all too familiar with the unique set of challenges faced as you settle into your new role as mom while recovering from a major surgery. It’s no easy task, but you are tough and we know you will make the most of it! As you heal from the surgery, you may be concerned about potential scarring and how to take care of your skin. It’s imperative to closely follow doctor’s orders for post-surgical care to help your body heal.

However, once your incisions have healed to the point that there are no open wounds and the tissues have closed and sealed, we recommend using two customer-favorites: Squalane Essential Oil Roll-On and Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-On for scar care.

Squalane and Frankincense

If you’ve been with Rinse for a long time, you know we absolutely LOVE Squalane Oil. It’s light, scentless, and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. It’s popular for being used on the face, but also works great anywhere on the body and is a great option for scar care!

Another great option is Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-On. This roll-on is made with 100% Pure Frankincense oil that is blended with squalane oil as a carrier oil. It’s super easy to apply as a roll-on and is convenient for tossing in your purse, diaper bag, or car so that you can take it on-the-go! We love it for using on the skin for scar care, but an added benefit is that many find the aroma of Frankincense oil to be super relaxing as well! It’s truly a win-win!

Breastfeeding Mama’s Self-Care

Just like C-Section mama’s have unique needs, breastfeeding mom’s do as well! Proper nipple care is extremely important for ensuring a comfortable and effective breastfeeding experience. Frequent nursing can cause dryness and chapped skin on the nipple. One of our favorite ways to help keep the skin healthy is – you guessed it – Squalane Oil. This highly absorbent oil is both effective and gentle, making it a great option for sensitive skin areas. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t leave any sticky residue, making it perfect for areas that need frequent application. Give it a try if you need a little TLC during this season of life!

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New Year, New Mama

New Year, New Mama

As the clock struck midnight and 2023 transitioned to 2024, many of us felt the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new year. There’s something magical about the feeling of a fresh start and new possibilities ahead. It’s fun to dream about what the new year will hold, but for those mama’s-to-be who are expecting a little one this year, that joy, anticipation, and excitement is on a whole different level!

Our Rinse family has grown quite a bit in recent months with the arrival of some adorable new additions, and our hearts are bursting with joy! Family is everything to us and, as we dive headfirst into the new year, we wanted to take some time to give attention to all the expectant moms out there. The joy of being a mom-to-be is unmatched. It’s a time full of embracing change and uncertainty, all with big dreams in your heart as you wait to welcome your little one into the world.

If you’re expecting – congratulations! We are so excited for you and want to share some of our top tips from Rinse employees and customers alike for taking care of yourself along the journey!

Bump Bliss Essentials

We all know that one of the top concerns for moms-to-be is taking care of their changing skin. About 90% of women develop stretch marks while pregnant. While they are beautiful reminders of how strong our bodies are and the miracle of motherhood, many women are still interested in doing what they can to minimize these lines.

One of the most popular natural options for combating stretch marks is – you guessed it - Cocoa Butter. This has gained quite a reputation as a tried-and-true option for generations of women who swear by it! We must admit, we love Cocoa Butter too! In fact, it’s one of our top ingredients in so many of our most moisturizing products!

When it comes to nourishing growing and glowing skin, a few Rinse products stand out as fantastic options and fan favorites:

  • Conditioning Balm – If you can believe it, this product was developed as a “happy little accident” while we were working on our Conditioning Bar. It’s definitely one of our best mistakes to date because we LOVE it! Imagine it as a lotion without water; a thick and luxurious balm that goes a long way when you add it to your wet skin after a bath or a shower. Simply rub it in, giving special attention to the bump, and enjoy as the soothing moisture infuses your skin! This is also perfect for pairing with Body Bliss Oil if you really want to take it up a notch!

Conditioning Balm Quote

  • Pink Stick – We’re not saying you can’t make it through pregnancy without this, but why would you want to!? Pink Stick is a fan favorite stick lotion that smells divine and makes it so easy to apply anywhere and everywhere you need it! Keeping your growing skin moisturized is a great idea as skin can oftentimes become itchy and irritated as it stretches to make room for the growing baby. Our Rinse girlies kept this on them 24/7 for easy application throughout their pregnancies.

Pink Stick

  • Body Bliss Oil – Enjoy the luxurious experience you deserve with Body Bliss Oil! This highly absorbent oil can be used as a bath or a massage oil. It’s made with squalane oil which is excellent for penetrating deep into the skin to nourish from the inside out. It’s a great option for helping your skin elasticity and for giving you a little calming, relaxing self-care ritual. It comes in a wide range of scents from lavender to sweet orange and everything in between!

Body Bliss Oil

Scents of Relief

If you know, you know. Nausea or “morning sickness” as it’s commonly referred to is a real thing when you’re pregnant. It can hit you out of nowhere like a ton of bricks and, unfortunately, it’s not isolated to just the morning as the name suggests! This is certainly one of the more dreaded experiences of pregnancy and something no one enjoys suffering through.

We definitely don’t have the cure for nausea, but many of our customers have enjoyed using our Essential Oil Roll-Ons to enjoy a bit of soothing aromatherapy and relaxation to make the tough moments a bit more tolerable. A popular option among our expecting mama’s is our Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On. This fantastic roll-on is portable, easy to use, and features 100% natural lavender essential oil for a light and relaxing scent.

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On Quote

Mindful Preparation

The closer you get to your due date, the more you are going to want to be prepared for delivery! We recommend including a few extra things in your hospital bag so that you can be as comfortable as possible when the time comes!

Just as essential oil roll-ons can come in handy during your pregnancy journey, they are a great option to keep on you as you head to the hospital for delivery. Throw your favorites in your hospital bag so that you can get some natural relief any time you want it!

We also highly recommend keeping your favorite Refreshing Spray in your bag as well! This is a great option for helping to make the hospital to feel as much like home as possible. There’s nothing comforting about the clinical smell that many hospitals have and we highly recommend using essential oils to make the experience feel a little more calm, comforting, and serene. Spritz your favorite Refreshing Spray on your sheets for an instant refresh and a way to set the mood of the room.

We hope you found these tips helpful as you navigate this exciting season of life! Embrace the change and remember that every moment brings you one step closer to welcoming your new little bundle of joy. We are cheering you on and so thankful to be a small part of your magical journey to motherhood!

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