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Tea Tree Roll-On Essential Oil

Tea Tree Roll-On Essential Oil

[shortcode] [short-description] Naturally cleanse, soothe & purify. Aromatherapy that is ready to go wherever you need it.[/short-description] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [how-to-use] Spot treat areas of concern 2-3 times daily or as needed. Tip: apply to blemishes even before they fully appear.[/how-to-use] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [why-made] Essential Oils are amazing (and intimidating, confusing, & expensive). We created our Essential Oil Roll-Ons to be ready-to-use, easy-to-use & affordable. The label of each Roll-On bottle reminds you why you bought it and where you might want to use it. Of course we had to dare to be different. While most are blending their Essential Oils with fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil, we chose to blend ours with Squalane Oil. We love Squalane Oil and so does facial skin. We figure since you'll use your Roll-On most often on or around the face we ought to use an oil that not only moves the Essential Oil quickly but that also has amazing properties for the skin.[/why-made] [/shortcode]

Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll-On

One of our FAVORITE oils is Tea Tree Essential Oil. Known for it's many healing properties, this oil is our go-to for all kinds of issues from blemishes to bug bites! We just can't get enough, which is why we put it into a handy dandy Roll-On!

Made with 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil that is blended with Squalane Oil (another fave), this Roll-On creates an aromatherapy & therapeutic on-the-go experience that you will love! It's one of the best ways to naturally cleanse, soothe & purify. Keep it in your bag, or at home so that you have it available when you need it most!

Essential Oils have been known to curb common issues but can be tricky when it comes to application. We've taken the trouble out for you with a perfect blend, using Squalane Oil derived from the olive - the best carrier oil we could think of. Squalane Oil is an amazing moisturizer & is quickly absorbed into the skin, so we figured you'd be happy to have that in a product that is meant to go on and around your face.

Contains: Tea Tree Essential Oil & Squalane Oil (derived from the olive).

How to Use: Spot treat areas of concern 2-3 times daily or as needed.

Tip: Apply to blemishes even before they fully appear. Tea Tree Oil is a great way to preventatively combat tricky skin issues!


  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Travel Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Handmade in the USA

Size: .35 oz. Roll-on Bottle