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Clickit Eraser - Unicorn Assorted

Clickit Eraser - Unicorn Assorted

Pink Unicorn
Neon Pink Unicorn
Purple Unicorn
Blue Unicorn
[shortcode] [short-description] Beautiful unicorns adorn these click erasers making for a magical erasing experience. **You are not able to select a specific pen design, but you will receive a randomly selected Sweet Things pen covered with all those sweet treats. [/short-description] [/shortcode]

 OOLY erasers are a fun way to bring corrections to your artwork or schoolwork. With scented erasers and ice cream-inspired designs, writing with that pencil you wore the eraser off of long ago can be possible again! You can even use a make your own erasers kit, the Creatibles, to create your own designs and show off your creativity. Delve into the world of possibility with this variety of erasers to express your interests or arrive at school in style.

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To use: Unzip pouch and place pencils, pens, or other treasures inside. Zip back up to keep them safe.