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"WOW, I really am enjoying the products that my sister gave me as a gift. My feet are actually being healed from the peppofoot stick. It is actually helping the hard surfaces to become soft again, and this has been no easy task the last couple years, but your stuff is FANTASTIC. I am telling everyone I know about this, and I have more products that I am going to order. My sister found you at Epcot's flower and garden festival. Thank you for making great products that really work."   Felicity V.

"No questions, just complete satisfaction!  We were delighted to get our order on Saturday.  We discovered Rinse at Epcot last October during the Food & Wine festival where I bought two bars of the Dead Sea Mud soap.   You'd said other customers with rosacea had had success with it.  It's GREAT!  I use it daily and my skin loves it.  I made those two bars last from mid October 2011 until now!  We also have some of your pucker sticks, which are also wonderful.  My boyfriend is trying the loofah soap now and likes it a lot.  
I just wanted you to know how thrilled we are with your products."  Cassia G.

Keep up the GREAT WORK! I am loving my RINSE!"Virginia T.

"I just have to say that the Dead Sea Mud soap worked great on taking off my makeup! And I didn't get it in my eyes. My only regret was that I didn't get back to EPCOT to get the other stuff that I wanted to get!!"Adele D.

"My first Rinse experience was at the 2010 Flower and Garden Festival in Disney. Being a nurse I am very cautious what I use on my skin, and purchase for my husband. I am being completely honest when I say that the Rinse products have exceeded my expectations. I can't get enough of the Pure Bliss, Skin Sticks, lip balms (all flavors) and Dead Sea Mud soap. My skin has never looked so good! My husband is a HUGE fan of the Tea Tree Loofas! Such a GREAT find! Keep up the WONDERFUL work! You truly have a wonderful line of products! I have my family and friends addicted too, once you try Rinse... you are HOOKED!!!!" Jenn D.

"We met Heather at the Epcot Food and Wine Fest, and we fell in love with all her yummy smelling soaps! We are looking forward to getting some more in December! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. My daughter's chapped lips cleared up in two days with Pure Bliss!!" Chris R.

"I purchased a few bars of the nectar soap at the Renegade Holiday craft fair and it was love at first sniff! I LOVE the smell of honey, and this soap was pure ambrosia. To make matters even better (because I would have loved it for the smell alone) the soap is very moisturizing, which has been a savior to my winter-chapped skin. Even though I wanted to keep both bars I bought for myself, I decided to share the other with my boyfriend's mom so someone else could experience the pure shower bliss. She said she's also loving the soap. I will definitely be purchasing some more soap, and trying some new scents as well!" Ebonique W.

?I recently attended the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot where I purchased your Tea Tree and Mint soap. I have to say I love it. The soap is so luxurious. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without the feeling of residue. I am recommending your products to the people I know and look forward to sampling more products.? Lorrie G.

"Went to Epcot last weekend for the flower show and bought a skin stick and soap. I have extremely dry hands that are like sandpaper when it gets cold and this year in St. Petersburg it has been cold. Have been using the skin stick twice a day since last Saturday and today being Thursday, my hands [then versus now] are like night and day. We will definitely be back to Epcot before the Flower and Garden show is over and will be looking to get more skin sticks. Thank you!" Ron G.

"Just returned from Disney and couldn't stay way from your booth in Epcot. It was great to meet Heather, she is genuine and her product sells itself, she should be proud of her accomplishments. I love your product, and brought several skin sticks home with me. Now my friends all want some... you have made me a true fan of Rinse. Best of luck as I can see only success for you." Kim L.

"Hi! Just have to tell you that Rinse products were my favorite part of the Flower and Garden Show at Epcot. Love, love, love the products and my daughter loves them as well... [W]ould love the opportunity to spread the word about your fabulous products." Cathy E.

"Ran across you at Epcot last Friday. Love your soap. My hands were constantly itching until I started using one of your bar soaps. The itching has already almost stopped. It's amazing! And you can't imagine the relief!!" Marian F.

"I just returned from Disney where I met you and was introduced to your fabulous products... I consider myself a bit of a product snob, formally addicted to the expensive French brand L'Occitane and their $40 shea butter cream. After using your Ginger Lemongrass Body Spread I am a convert. A better moisturizer plus the fragrance is phenomenal! Keep up the great work because I will be back for more." June T.

"I bought your Dead Sea Mud Soap, Nectar and Ginger Soap in March at Epcot. I am very sad I didn't buy more but I will be placing an order soon. Thanks for the great products!!!!!" Holland C.

?Just met you yesterday at the Food & Wine Festival. We drove home today and I was putting my Coconut Mango stick and pucker sticks on over and over! I love them! Can't wait to try the soap. Love your website! We'll be ordering more soon!? Tracy B.

?Pure Bliss came today!  You are soooo good to me!  Can't wait to try the cocoa lip balm--thank you for including it in my order!  Just an FYI--I've found that the coffee flavored lip balm (which I keep in my purse!) seems to stay harder esp. in the Florida heat.  The honey flavored seems to be softer so I keep it on my bathroom vanity--AM, PM, GYM & IN BETWEEN!  So I'll let you know about consistency of the cocoa--I'm at the end of one of the honey so this will be a great time to switch flavors!? Cindy B.

"I just wanted to say that I had a truly enjoyable experience purchasing online. The site is very easy to navigate, very easy to understand, and pleasantly funny! Keep up the great work Heather!" Danna R.

"I purchased the Pixie Lips pack at the EPCOT the Food and Wine Festival a few months ago.  I need to tell you how much I enjoy these.  Not only do they pack a punch in the moisture area, but the tubes themselves are filled all the way up.  What a deal!  To understate it, I am in love with the grape stick and it is bringing me through my allergy season without the chapping I usually get (way better than any of those mass-marketed menthol brands ever did).  I use the grape stick all the time and it still has not run out.  I will be back for more (and more)!" Jacklyn O.

"I was introduced to this wonderful line of body treats at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival this past fall. Who says that a Food and Wine festival has to be limited to just food and wine? I purchased the body stick in almond and honey and the honey lip balm. A few days later, I was back to purchase another body stick in lavender, plus the pure bliss, the body spread in lavender, and the Peppofoot Stick. I also purchased another body stick in lavender and a lip balm in peppermint for my daughter's Christmas stocking. I cannot say enough about these products. They make bath time a luxurious experience." Michelle R.

"I love, love, love the Honey Stick! I almost can't wait to run out so I can buy some more!" Kerry M.

"A friend gave me the conditioning bar for my birthday and I love it! I wasn't sure how to use it so, instead of using it in the shower, I rubbed it over my skin after drying off. It was great! No lotion can compare to this deep conditioning. Now that I've read the instructions, I'll give it a try with water next time!" CB

"I recently purchased several handfuls of your soap at the Marietta Square Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for gifts for friends to bring back to Boston with me and passed by your stall. Upon arriving home, I used your soap and was thoroughly pleased. I have sensitive skin and soap is ALWAYS a problem for me. Happily, I'd like to report that your offerings are great. The scents are fragrant but not overpowering. The soaps are sudsy but don't leave a filmy residue. I am thrilled to find your company online. I will be ordering in the future for myself as well as for friends and family." Veronica O.

"I absolutely love your soaps. I have purchased your soap for friends and they have fallen in love with them. My teenaged son has claimed my soap as his own, it has kept his face clear of teenage trouble skin." Amia F.

"I bought some soap at the Inman Park Festival. I absolutely LOVE the Dead Sea Mud Soap. Not only does it smell great and can be used all over my body, but the skin on my face has cleared up overnight. You products are really great."Rebeka R.

"I just wanted to let you know I love my Tres Clay Facial Bar. It is awesome! I bought it from you at the ICE Festival in Atlanta back in November. I have oily, problem skin and it has helped so much." Jacqueline S.

"I LOVE this stuff! I bought a peppermint foot stick what seems like forever ago, and am still using it. It's lasted a long time and never fails to make my rough, dry feet feel great. I use it at night before bed, and my feet feel wonderful the next day. My mom discovered my stick and threatened to steal it from me, so I'm about to order more, both for myself and for her. The other shea butter products are wonderful, too." Kendra S.

"My mother-in-law and sis-in-law gave me some of the products to try--the peppermint foot stick is unbelievable and I use the pucker sticks on the kids, they get a hoot out of the latte flavor! I don't have to fight with them when their lips are getting chapped; they always want "coffee" on their lips." Kim T.

"I have a friend, another Sharon, who had marks left on her skin after almost six months in the hospital. It plagued her for several weeks before Heather stopped by and gave her some "Pure Bliss" to put on it. Now, just three days later, it has completely gone away. She is scheduled for more surgery next month and feels much better about being able to get her skin back into condition when she gets back out of the hospital. She absolutely recommends this product."Sharon S.

"Just wanted to let you know that I bought your Peppermint Patty soap when I was in the Beehive on Tuesday and I LOVE it!! So does my husband :) Cute packaging, great colors and scent, and he said 'it rinses really well.' Anyway, just wanted to pass on the love and let you know how creative and great I think that soap is!!" Ann R.

"I love my Conditioning Bar and the Refresh Bar. Just lovely. Will be doing some more holiday shopping soon." Carol R.

"Hi!  I met you... and referred to myself as a lip balm critic of sorts!  Just wanted to let you know that I love [your pucker stick]!!  I also purchased Dead Sea soap fro my dry itchy skin and love that as is really working!" Michelle K.

"I have been loving your feet are amazingly better with the peppermint stick and I love the exfoliating and lotion bar!" Dorothy S.

"I bought some of your products last December at a holiday market. I love every single one of them! My favorite is the squalane oil." Vickie Q. 

"Unbelievable....I bought the Polish with sugar in it and it's amazing! I love it. It's smells great and the lotion in it is super... I'm going to have to have you make me a big piece for next time. I wish you the best. Thanks." Karen M.

"I don't know what I'd do without your Pucker Stick lip gloss. I'm a runner and it works great for keeping my lips from chapping when I run in cooler weather - and it looks great. I don't think I can ever use anything else...I'm stocking up!" Crystal H.

"I am in love with the rinse Bath Truffles- I love how they just explode in your tub and leave your skin feeling so soft- I did not even need to put on lotion afterwards!" Maria C.

"I love your soaps, they make the perfect gift! I always enjoy receiving a package from Rinse Soap because I know that all the scents that come out of the box are fantastic! I personally love the coconut mango." Kathy T.

"I was shopping one day for favors for a bridal shower in June. I didn't know what the theme of the party was except that it was pink and green. I walked into a store and saw the summertime one use soaps decorated with flamingos, palm trees and flip flops. They were so adorable I had to make them the theme of the party. Plus they were pink and green. I liked them so much I special ordered 10, I only needed 6 but kept giving them as small gifts. Everyone so far has loved them." Emily S.

"I'm constantly impressed with the quality and originality of Rinse products. Not only do I order and use Rinse products on my own skin but they worked with me to create the perfect baby shower favors for my girlfriend. Everyone raved about how wonderful the favors were. They created the favor we were looking for in a price range we could afford. I refer people to Rinse's website all the time because I know I can't get enough." Melanie N.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Tres Clay Facial Bar and Pure Bliss. This product combination has totally changed my skin for the better. As an African American woman who has acne prone skin, I have tried everything to heal my skin. This product has worked so great that my mom, cousins and most of my friends use it now. I even posted your products on forum to rave about the benefits of the products. So please keep up the great work and you have a customer for life." Christy L.

?My husband loves his soap and I my Fresh Fig skin stick. So yummy!? Lynne X.

?I was fortunate enough to come across your booth while visiting EPCOT a couple of weeks ago and, wow... I'm so glad I did! I just used the Cabernet Sauvignon soap for the first time today and it smells and feels amazing! I can't wait to shower again! I also purchased some of your Tea Tree Mint Body Bliss oil and love it. It is great for a relaxing massage and as you recommended, I mixed some of the oil and a little water in a spray bottle and have been misting after I shower and it feels great! The mint has a nice fresh smell and keeps my skin well hydrated here in The Windy City.?Robert S.

?I purchased a bar of the body conditioner at the Chicago Renegade Craft fair and I LOVE how it smells, like sugar or a marshmallow. I also love that I can smell it when I walk into my bathroom. Thank you for such a great product! I'll definitely be ordering more.? Cindy