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How to: Powdered Facial Masks

How to: Powdered Facial Masks

Do you like to DIY? We love a good DIY project but usually it isn't the most relaxing of things. But you're in luck because our Powdered Facial Masks are both of those- DIY and relaxing!! Like we said in our 4 Simple Tips for Naturally Glowing Skin Blog, using a natural face mask is an excellent way to treat your skin and see some incredible benefits as a result! But we all have different skin types, which means we have different concerns and needs when it comes to a face mask. Luckily, our DIY masks give you the ability to customize them specifically for your skin type! But do you have dry skin in the winter, oily skin in the summer, & combo skin in between? I'm sure you don't want to buy masks for all of those different times. That's where our customizable Powdered Facial Masks come in handy. You can customize them not only to your skin type, but you can customize them for any season, any area, or any preference! Like the image below (our little cheat sheet for you), you can put one mixture on your oily areas, one on your dry areas, and the other everywhere else!


So now you know why they're amazing? But now here's how to use them:

Mix a little less than a capful of mask with water or your choice of liquid until it makes a paste. In a circular motion apply to the face avoiding the eyes. Allow to sit on the skin for up to 10 minutes (or longer if you have the time). Rinse away & apply moisturizer. Repeat each week or as needed.

Like our picture above shows, here's what we suggest you mix into your mask but it's always up to you!
Dry Skin: anything rich and creamy, such as cream, honey or extra virgin olive oil.

Normal/Combination Skin: water or milk.

Oily Skin: tomato juice, witch hazel or any slightly acidic fruit. 


Some other tips and tricks that we love about our masks?

Tip 1: if you take the mask (any mask but we love Cafe Mocha for this trick), and mix only a tad bit of water in it, it's an amazing exfoliator that isn't too rough!

Tip 2: Caffeine is said to help reduce cellulite and our Cafe Mocha Mask has caffeine in it. So take a handful with you in the shower and rub that Cafe Mocha Mask all over those areas with a bit of cellulite! Warning, this is messy! We're not saying it'll make your cellulite disappear but it's worth a shot ;)

Tip 3: Use the Yogurt Facial Mask after using a different Mask for a luxurious facial. 

Tip 4: Follow your powdered mask with Squalane Oil to moisturize and keep that glow!

do you have any Facial Mask Tips & Tricks! Let us know by emailing so we can share your tips with everyone!