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Healing Hands & Happy Muscles: Introducing Our NEW Salve Collection

Healing Hands & Happy Muscles: Introducing Our NEW Salve Collection

Have you ever thought about how incredible it is that nature holds the key to so many of the challenges we face in our daily lives? We get nourishment from plants/animals, vitamin D from sunshine, hydration from water, mental clarity from fresh air – the list could go on and on! We are strong believers in harnessing the healing power of what nature has to offer and we’re so excited to announce that we have done just that in our newest product launch! Our brand new Hand & Muscle Salves are made with some of nature’s finest time-tested ingredients to help bring you the soothing relief and deep hydration you need!

Salves have been used for millennia across many different times and cultures thanks to their unique ability to effectively lock in moisture for deep hydration and their incredible versatility. The core ingredients in salves haven’t really changed over time. Looking back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, we see that salves were often made with olive oil, beeswax, and herbal extracts – all of which you will find in our salves today! Ancient cultures used salves to treat all kinds of things from wounds to burns and other skin conditions.  We crafted ours to be your go-to choice when you need to lock in moisture and keep irritating dryness away! Each one is made with highly concentrated ingredients meaning a little goes a long way! Read on to learn more about these exciting new hand and muscle salves!

Hand Salves

Our brand new Hand Salves come in 2 heavenly scents – Lavender and Mint! They contain highly concentrated amounts of some of our favorite skin-loving ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin e, and 100% naturally derived essential oils! This unique combination means the salves are perfect for helping to provide a barrier on the skin that works to help keep moisture in and dryness away!

With constant exposure to all kinds of different elements, our hands can be prone to quickly becoming dry and irritated. It’s a highly uncomfortable feeling that we’re all a little too familiar with but, thankfully, this is where our hand salves shine! They’re fantastic for using any times your hands are dry and cracked thanks to their skin-supporting ingredients, but they’re also great for use as a preventative measure as well! We love keeping a tin on our nightstand for use at bedtime to give our hands a little overnight rejuvenation. We also love keeping some by the sink to help give them an infusion of moisture after doing the dishes! It’s also a good idea to use them anytime you’re going to be wearing gloves for an extended period of time!

Although these are “hand salves,” they’re highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes! They can be a game changer for any of those areas that are prone to dryness like the elbows, knees, feet, and more! Try applying a little anywhere that you are experiencing rough or dry skin to enjoy some natural relief!

Remember that the ingredients are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. The amount you need is far less than with traditional lotions so start small and build up until you reach your desired level of moisturization!

Muscle Salves

Sometimes our muscles need a little extra TLC too, which is why we created our brand new muscle salves! These come in 2 unique varieties – a Cooling Muscle Salve and a Warming Muscle Salve. Each was designed to serve unique purposes so there’s something for every need! Each of these salves is made with the same base of skin-loving ingredients as the hand salves, but these contain additional blends of essential oils to work as targeted warming or cooling therapies that absorb into your muscles and go to work!

Our Cooling Muscle Salve delivers a targeted cooling therapy that’s great for a wide range of uses when you might want a little relief from discomfort or inflammation! It contains eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils along with camphor and arnica which not only smell great, but help to provide a cooling effect!  We love using it as a post-workout recovery technique, applying a little after exercise to help soothe our muscles. It’s also a fantastic option when dealing with nagging headaches. Applying a small amount to the temples, forehead, and back of the neck can go a long way towards helping to alleviate the pain and providing a soothing cooling effect! Speaking of the head and neck area, this cooling salve can be a great option for general neck and shoulder tension, especially after a long period of sitting at your computer!

Our Warming Muscle Salve contains the same skin-loving ingredients with a different blend of essential oils to provide a relaxing warming therapy! Ingredients in this salve include chili oil, lemongrass oil, ginger oil, and cayenne extract! This blend is great for using before exercise to prep the muscles and get them ready for movement! We love it for soothing stiff or tight muscles, and have even enjoyed using it when dealing with those uncomfortable menstrual cramps!

We’re forever amazed by the healing power of nature and invite you to give these amazing new Hand & Muscle Salves a try! We think you’re going to love them!