Favorite Bouquet Gift Basket Favorite Bouquet Gift Basket
  • Favorite Bouquet Gift Basket
  • Favorite Bouquet Gift Basket

Favorite Bouquet Gift Basket

  • $60.00

Take a deep breath and relax this Mother's Day! Our $60.00 Mother's Day Gift Basket contains six bars of soap, one skin stick, one tub truffle, and two pucker sticks.

Tulip Soap, Lilac Soap, Gardenia Soap, Wisteria Soap, Calla Lilly Soap, Magnolia Soap, Calla Lilly Skin Stick, Lavender Tub Truffle, Lavender Pucker Stick, Hibiscus Pucker Stick

Our soap contains a saponified blend of Shea & Cocoa Butters, Olive, Refined Sweet Almond, High Oleic Sunflower, Coconut Oil, & responsibly sourced Palm Kernel Oil along with Lavender Essential Oil & dried Lavender buds. We make our soaps from scratch the same way grandma did (with the exception of digital scales & refined ingredients) & each ingredient in our bars has a purpose. Our soaps lather well (really because we're lather kinda people) & will clean your skin without leaving you with that dry, tight, alligator skin feeling. Because our soaps are made the old fashioned way, each bar retains the glycerin that is naturally produced in the soap making process.

Pucker Sticks contain a perfect blend of Squalane Oil derived from the olive (a quickly absorbed oil known for being extremely healing), Apricot kernel & Coconut oils & Cocoa Butter (all known for healing & moisturizing), Castor Oil (provides a nice slip), Beeswax, a touch of Vitamin E & flavored with 100% natural flavoring.

Skin Sticks are made with Cocoa & Shea Butters along with Apricot Kernel & Avocado Oils (all wonderful moisturizers), Beeswax & Soy Wax (to help keep it all together) scented with Fragrance Oils.

Tub Truffles are a luxurious cocoa butter base blended with baking soda and corn starch to enhance the moisture in your skin and create a unique bath time experience. They are scented with essential oils and fragrance oils.

Tip #1: Cut your soap in half & it will last longer. Don't let your bar sit in a puddle or sit in the constant flow of water.

Tip #2: Try to keep your pucker sticks and skin sticks out of hot temperatures.