Meltdown Manager Mug Meltdown Manager Mug
Just listen to the mug.
  • Meltdown Manager Mug - Rinse Bath & Body

Meltdown Manager Mug

Just listen to the mug.
  • $10.00
This holder of this title is in need of a raise ASAP! Manager those meltdowns with a little help from our friend Caffeine. 


At twelve ounces, this mug is great for your favorite hot beverage! Made of stoneware in white with black lettering, you're sure to find the perfect Fun Mugs to add to your home!


Details: Holds up to 12oz of whatever you’re drinking these days: coffee, tea, water, or something more soothing.

Keep with you to balance and revitalize your energy.

[shortcode] [short-description] Just listen to the mug.[/short-description] [/shortcode]