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Living Natural - Discovery Box

Living Natural - Discovery Box

[shortcode] [short-description] Ready to go all-in on living natural? This is the box for you! Everything you need to become the New Natural You (from head to toe). Plus… we are here to help you along the way![/short-description] [/shortcode]

Living Natural Discovery Box

The steps to going natural (or your transition to a new line of natural products) should be as easy as possible. So we've curated New to Natural Discovery Boxes with all our favorite must-have Rinse goodies that will get you well on your way to a successful transition to natural. And this box has EVERYTHING!

But you're not just getting products! We are helping you along this exciting journey with all the tips & tricks you need to transition well.


(1) Original deOdor (1.3 oz twist-up tube) - Our deOdor Stick all natural deodorant is made from high-quality natural ingredients that effectively eliminate unwanted odor! It is one of our most popular products because it actually works! Going natural does NOT have to mean going stinky! 

(1) Dead Sea Mud Soap (approximately 4.25 oz.) - This incredible soap is made with mud straight from the Dead Sea! This mineral-rich mud is known around the world for it's healing and purifying properties! It is fabulous for opening pores, removing impurities, and leaving your skin cleaned and refreshed!

(1) Squalane Oil (approximately 1 oz) - Say hello to your new best friend! Squalane Oil is making waves these days as folks are discovering it's amazing moisturizing and healing properties! Our Squalane is derived from olives and works wonderfully as a facial moisturizer! It's great for every day use and is perfect for all skin types - even the tricky ones!

(1) Peppofoot Stick (2 oz twist-up tube) - Our Peppofoot Stick is perfect for dry cracked heels, tired toes, calluses, & between pedi maintenance. 

(1) Pucker Pack (2 - 0.15 oz twist-up tubes) - Just what the doctor ordered for dry, chapped lips. Apricot Kernel Meal exfoliates the dry & dead skin from your lips so that the Pucker Stick can sink right in.

(1) Peppermint Roll-On (approximately .3 oz) - Soothe your head and activate your mind & energy. 

(1) Tea Tree Roll-On (approximately .3 oz) - Known for its many healing properties, this oil is our go-to for all kinds of issues from blemishes to bug bites!  

(1) Oatbrasian Mask (2.5 oz bottle) - It's like natural DIY microdermabrasion. 

(1) Almond & Honey Soap (approximately 4.25 oz) - Our handmade soaps are made from scratch in small batches with carefully selected naturally derived ingredients!

(1) Euca-Mint Loofah Soap (approximately 4 oz)The best exfoliating soap out there... at least that's what we think!


Do it for yourself & your body: make the transition to going natural!