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Wide Headband - Grey Medallion

Wide Headband - Grey Medallion


Made for movement and to tame the mane, this headband will keep your hair off your face so you feel great all the time. Not only can you mix and match designs, the way you wear these versatile headbands means you can have different hairstyles using just the one piece. Whether you’re taking your favorite spin or yoga class, running the distance, or heading out for a night on the town, this headband will stay put while you’re on the move.

What's even better?  The Half and Wide Headbands can both be used as a face mask or a neck gaiter.  So versatile, so stylish & so fun!

Material: Polyester Microfiber, Measures approx.: "10 x 19.5"


To use: Put on one head at a time.

To use: put on one head at a time.

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To use: Scrunch or foldable - your imagination is the limit Versatile design to wear multiple ways.