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Dry to Normal Facial Bundle

Dry to Normal Facial Bundle


Is your skin chronically dry or just feel like treating it with moisture-rich products? Rinse has a facial pack just for you! Our facial bundle includes five products to help restore moisture and nourish the skin. The bundle contains Dead Sea Mud Soap, Frankincense Roll-on, Squalane Oil, Oatbrasion Powdered Facial Mask, & Yogurt Powdered Facial Mask all bundled together in a basket, wrapped in a cellophane bag & tied up with a ribbon!

Dead Sea Mud Soap: 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients. We import our dead sea mud from Israel ourselves and blend it with a luxurious oil base and spearmint and lavender essential oils, for a bar that will soothe dry, irritated skin, and gently remove makeup and dirt without stripping the good oils from your skin and promote balanced skin.

Oatbrasion Powdered Facial Mask: 99% Naturally Derived Ingredients. Hand-ground colloidal oatmeal is blended with pumice and honey to create a natural exfoliant that also calms skin. Mix with a number of ingredients to create a skin-specific mask; we offer a few suggestions of our own right on the bottle.

Yogurt Powdered Facial Mask: 99% Naturally Derived Ingredients. Powdered Yogurt moisturizes, Kaolin Clay soothes, while Powdered Honey provides natural antimicrobial properties & helps to moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple. Our Powdered Facial Masks allow you to customize your mask every time you use them (whether your skin is dry in the winter then well-moisturized in the summer). Put on after the Oatbrasion for extra nourishment.

Frankincense Roll-On: Provides a sense of peace. Loved by experienced skin & areas needing TLC. The Roll-On is perfect to keep in a bag to have on the go or at home for when you need it most. Apply behind the ears, the tip of the nose, or areas in need of TLC.

Squalane Oil: 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients. Pure squalane oil, derived from the olive, contains lipids that exist in our skin cells naturally. Over time these lipids produce at a slower rate but are essential for moisture-rich, vibrant skin. Cell elasticity, regeneration, and healing; Squalane oil is great for tired, dull, or aged skin.