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Indulgence Bar - Fresh Fig

Indulgence Bar - Fresh Fig

$7.00 $5.50
$7.00 $5.50
[shortcode] [short-description] An ultra-moisturizing soap packed with Sea Salts to give your skin a new kind of clean.[/short-description] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [how-to-use] The salts cut the lather from being bubbly to creamy and after you work around the rough edges the bar will feel as if you're washing with a smooth stone. Our testers swear that it leaves their skin glowing and even a bit tighter. One tester even used it as a facial soap and loved the results.[/how-to-use] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [why-made] Soaps are what started it all. In 2002, Heather needed a creative outlet and took a soapmaking class. To make a long story short (if you want to read the long story - click here/add link to about us/), she (and everyone else) loved it.[/why-made] [/shortcode]

NEW limited edition & limited quantity Indulgence bar

Scent: Fresh Fig - Much fresher than it is figgy. A nice light, clean scent.

Contains a saponified blend of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea Salts, and Fragrance.

We make our soaps from scratch the same way grandma did (with the exception of digital scales & refined ingredients) & each ingredient in our bars has a purpose. Our soaps lather well (really because we're lather kinda people) & will clean your skin without leaving you with that dry, tight, alligator skin feeling. Because our soaps are made the old-fashioned way, each bar retains the glycerin that is naturally produced in the soapmaking process.

98% natural, gluten-free, vegan friendly

Approx. 4 oz


Tip - After you use the indulgence bar the rough & crumbly exterior will smooth out & feel like you're washing with a smooth stone.